Laredo is known for heat, even at 8:30am. Our Summer sessions are held at Mall del Norte. We meet at the play area by Sears. Take off is at 9am.

Rainy days/weather that feels below 50 degrees means power walking at Mall del Norte. You may enter through the food court. (Look for the big sign outside that says “FOOD!”)

Finally stay up to date with our Facebook page. If you are planning on attending, and are unsure of the weather, Click on our page to see if we have made a location change. We will post any changes by 7:45AM.

Babies come first, always. For safety reasons baby must remain in the stroller as long as possible. We encourage the use of seat belts and car seats. We will strive as a group to keep them entertained and engaged. With that said we understand that all kids have bad days, and that nursing, changing etc. are necessary. You are always welcomed to care for your baby.

Please be courteous of other moms. For many of our moms, GoMom is their only workout for the week, so please be mindful of personal space. Our group is growing, and unfortunately we can no longer accommodate pets.

Although our class specializes in stroller workouts, all ages are welcomed. If you come to class without a baby or wearing baby, we will do our best to modify as many exercises as possible.

Playgroup is something our kids look forward to. Playgroup is always free. So if you weren’t able to make the early workout, you are always welcomed to meet us at the playground.

Also GoMom is a start-up organization. Give us your feedback. We are constantly working to improve workouts and class structure to serve our Moms in the best way possible.

Run Club
We hold 2-3 run clubs per month. Please see our calendar for run club days. Run clubs are free. They are held to serve both members of GoMom and the community. You are encouraged to go at your own pace.